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Dear Members and Friends,

March 4, 2019, 7:30 PM

Our speaker for the evening is Peter  Ziobrowski, and his talk is ‘Building the Port- Halifax 1917 to 1928’. Peter has had a long time interest in the maritime activities in Halifax Harbour, and of the port itself. His regular columns in the Chronicle Herald business section report on the activities of the port and wider maritime affairs.

‘Covering 5 square miles, the waters of Halifax Harbour have been the scene of maritime activity for centuries.  The harbour became an official Royal Nay base in 1759, and as the trans- Atlantic sea trade began to expand, encouraged by  the increasing naval activity, the harbour soon became a commercial port. Waterside development saw the inclusion of passenger facilities and the wharfs and storage buildings essential for port operation.  By the time the Royal Navy withdrew in 1905 steam ships, especially large liners, were regular visitors to the Port of Halifax and the early coal trade had diminished. The years between 1915 and 1928 were pivotal for the port, not only related to developments resulting from wartime activities, but also the massive increase in immigrant traffic (Pier 21 transit shed being one result), but also the increase in commercial traffic which resulted in the building of the first grain elevator in 1925.’

We look forward to having you join us for the evening.


David Rollinson


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