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‘The Making of Albion Mines’ is a project which is a partnership between IHNS and the Museum of Industry in Stellarton. This long-term project focuses on an archaeological investigation of the 1827 General Mining Association foundry complex, and the researching and interpretation of the introduction and development of deep shaft coal mining at Albion Mines (now known as Stellarton).

Sunk in 1827, the deep shaft coal mines at Albion Mines were the first of their type in North America, and were also unique in that they used steam power for winding the coal and pumping water out of the mine. The foundry complex, which could cast iron and brass, housed a steam-powered blowing engine for the cupolas, also a first in North America, a machine shop, foundry, pattern shop and sawmill.

Two excavations are being held the foundry site. On Saturday and Sunday (the 8th, and 9th) of September we will be holding a public archaeology weekend, following the successful events held the last two years. A further dig, with archaeologists, will take place in October. We hope that these two investigations at the foundry site will help answer some of the many questions we have about the workings of the complex, and guide us when producing a long-term plan for further work and research.

You are invited to visit us at the Museum of Industry during the public dig to view the progress already made at the site, visit the museum and see some of the artifact conservation work already undertaken.

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