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Dear Members and Friends of IHNS,


Memory Lane Heritage Village have generously offered us a group  tour of the site on Saturday June 9th. The tour will begin at 10-00am and last for two hours. The village is extensive and while there are good pathways, they are not all on the level. Lunch is available after the tour, at a cost of $12.00 per person. If I recall correctly the last time we visited it was a substantial ‘down home’ meal. There is no charge for the tour-but IHNS does make a donation.


This will be our second visit to Memory Lane, and will offer return visitors the opportunity to see the latest additions to the site, including the belt-drive carpenters shop, and for first timers it will offer the unique experience of seeing  some working industrial heritage.


The Village is busy on the day, and to help them organize our trip (it is a mainly volunteer- led project) I told them I would confirm numbers and the numbers for lunch on Wednesday the 6th. So if you are planning to attend it would be very much appreciated if you would rsvp me by then at [email protected]


The Village is located at 5435 Clam Harbour Rd, Lake Charlotte BOJ 1YO



I hope to see you there.


David Rollinson


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